2 Day Trip to Izu – Sea, Camp, Hot Spring

キャンプ場の夜景 / Nightscape of The Camp Site

I went to Izu area from 6/30 to 7/1.  Izu is a peninsula in eastern Shizuoka prefecture. It takes two and a half hours by car or train from Tokyo. Izu is a popular tourist destination with plenty of beautiful coasts and hot springs. It is also one of my favorite areas.



6/30 (Sat)
Home -> Ishida Shoten (Seafood Restaurant) -> Grand Cereus Village (Check In) -> Usami Beach -> Kanpo-no-yado Izukogen Hotel (Bathing Only) -> Grand Cereus Village (Camp)

7/1 (Sun)
Grand Cereus Village -> Shirahama Beach -> Akazawa Onsen Resort -> Home

Sea (Usami and Shirahama)

I went to Usami beach on first day and Shirahama beach on second day. Both beaches are shallow. Shirahama is a white and beautiful sandy beach. It’s popular not only for ordinary people but also for surfers.


宇佐美海岸 / Usami Beach
Usami Beach
白浜海岸 / Shirahama Beach
Shirahama Beach

Grand Cereus Village

Grand Cereus Village is a mandarin orange plantation. Here you can have a picnic and camping as well as orange picking. You can rent a tent, tarp, ground seat, BBQ tools, so you can enjoy a picnic with a few baggage.

I had a BBQ and camp at here. I didn’t have a picnic during the day because it was very hot. I’d like to have a picnic next time on a cooler day.

Grand Hutte (1)
Grand  Cereus VIllage
キャンプ場の夜景 / Nightscape of The Camp Site
Nightscape of The Camp Site

Akazawa Onsen Resort

Akazawa Onsen Resort is a resort facility operated by DHC (a cosmetic manufacturer). There are hot spring facilities, hotels, and sports facilities such as tennis court, swimming pool and so on.

I went Akazawa-tei for lunch and Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan for bathing in this trip.

Akazawa-tei is a Japanese restaurant. The building is made by remodeling a Japanese old house. Not only food, the atmosphere is good.

Akazawa Higaeri Onsenkan is a hot spring facility. You can enjoy very nice view in the outdoor bath here.  I didn’t take pictures of the view, so look at the website if you are interested.