Nature in Japan Being Destroyed by Mega-Solar


Solar power generation is said to be nature friendly clean energy, but it causes large scale nature destruction in Japan today.

日本語 / Japanese

This picture is a mega-solar constructed in Kyushu, Japan. This place was naturally rich forest, but now it is a barren land like a desert.

メガソーラーの例 / Mega-solar in Japan
メガソーラーの例 / Mega-solar in Japan

There are numerous mega-solar construction projects and forests throughout Japan are in danger of disappearing due to the construction of mega-solar.

The negative impact of mega-solar construction is not only the destruction of animal and plant habitat resulting from deforestation. Bald mountains formed by mega-solar construction is easy to flow out sediments. They cause sediment disasters.

メガソーラーによる土砂災害 / Sediment disaster
メガソーラーによる土砂災害 / Sediment disaster

The over-development of mega-solar was caused by inadequate natural energy promotion policy not considering various risks.

Today, many local residents are concerned about this over-development, but the government has not taken any measures yet.

In order for the Japanese government to notice this problem as soon as possible and to take measures, we think that the whole world should pay attention to this problem.

In addition, solar power generation is rapidly spreading all over the world, and it is thought that deforestation problems accompanying mega-solar development will occur around the world.

Please spread this article around the world to save the nature of Japan and the world.